With a combined 20 years of experience in pool installation and maintanence, we provide Central Ohio with fast, affordable pool service without the need to schedule years in advance. 

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It’s important to switch out your pool liner before it results in any damage to your pool wall, pool floor, or pool deck. If you see the liner slipping out of the track, fading liner colors, or any issues near the return or skimmer flanges, please call us so we can replace your pool liner as soon as possible.


There is a certain order of specific steps to take to open a pool properly. Skipping a step or rushing through a step can result in a filthy pool or, more seriously, pool or plumbing damage. We know what to do to ensure a proper opening of your pool (i.e. cleaning the pool deck first, cleaning the pool cover and cover water bag, pulling all the pool plugs, opening all the pool valves, running the filter until the water is clear, etc.). Let us take care of your pool opening so you don’t have to.

Custom Installations

When designing your new pool we know each situation and design is unique. We specialize in custom pool installations for any property, from the deck, to the pool floor, to the pool wall, plus any additional features you might want. These installations are available whether you’re building a new pool, or simply adding to an existing pool. Let us wow you and make your dreams come true when designing your new pool.


We all hate to see spring and summer go but when it’s time to close your pool, it is important not to miss the crucial steps required to preserve your pool for the next season. Just like with pool openings, there is a certain succession of steps to take to close a pool properly. That includes using a phosphate remover to prevent algae from getting in the pool, brushing and vacuuming to get rid of debris, managing the pool water level according to the climate, shocking and chlorinating the pool to kill bacteria even in cold weather, and more. We will ensure we don’t miss any steps so that you don’t end up dealing with any issues when it comes time to open your pool again.


A dirty pool is enough to ruin anyone’s party. While shocking your pool and adding chlorine and other sanitizing chemicals will keep your pool water clean, it won’t effectively keep your pool walls and floor clean. You’ll still need to get bugs, leaves, grass, twigs, and other bits of nature (or other miscellaneous objects) out of your pool. You’ll also need to scrub your pool properly to remove dirt and algae. You pool floor might even need to be vacuumed. If you haven’t had the chance to take these steps to clean your pool, let us provide that service for you. We can even clean your pool on a regular basis so your pool never has the chance to get dirty again. We offer multiple cleaning services to keep your pool at its best.


Is your pool starting to show signs that it needs repair? Whether it’s discolored grout, a tear in your liner, cracks in the walls, or a failing pump or heater, our knowledgeable staff can get your issue worked out and your pool running optimally in no time.

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“Outdoor Living Pools built us our dream pool. Not only were they very affordable, they were also available to start ASAP. Other pool companies I called were a 6 to 12 month wait, plus they were more expensive. A+++ review from me.”

-Tom H.

We were super pleased with Outdoor Living Pool & Patio. The Installation was done right and in a timely fashion.

-Scott S.

Love my salt water pool! If I have any questions they answer them quickly and even come out if I need then to explain. Great service.

-Jean S.


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